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Meet the Team

Sally Cottam, Director and Head of Home Property Lawyers

Sally Cottam

Director and Head of Home Property Lawyers

Robin Foyster, Solicitor

Robin Foyster


Gary Tyman, Operations Manager

Gary Tyman

Operations Manager

Regan Raynor, Technical Adviser

Regan Raynor

Technical Adviser

Wendy Hayward, Team Manager

Wendy Hayward

Team Manager

Heather Neil, Team Manager

Heather Neil

Team Manager

Caitlin Addlesee, Conveyancing Administrator

Caitlin Addlesee

Conveyancing Administrator

Nancy Azina-Nartey, Solicitor

Nancy Azina-Nartey


Alice Baker, Conveyancing Executive

Alice Baker

Conveyancing Executive

Jemima Booker, Conveyancing Executive

Jemima Booker

Conveyancing Executive

Mark Booker, Team Manager

Mark Booker

Team Manager

Rachel Bray, Personal Assistant

Rachel Bray

Personal Assistant

Sammy Callaby, Conveyancing Executive

Sammy Callaby

Conveyancing Executive

Rachel Clipson, Conveyancing Executive

Rachel Clipson

Conveyancing Executive

Anne Coombes, Technical Advisor

Anne Coombes

Technical Advisor

Samantha Creane, Conveyancing Executive

Samantha Creane

Conveyancing Executive

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